Tuesday, January 1, 2013

National Affordable Housing Agreement

National Affordable Housing Agreement

The Council Of Australian Governments "COAG"

Released a document relating to homelessness and housing affordability in 2008/09 for public awareness of the situation around housing in Australia.

Our product and vision is to be able to assist Australians with affordable housing through our network of manufacturers and our team here in Australia.

For those following our progress and anticipating being involved with our organization, we have decided to post some document links here for you to familiarize yourselves with the COAG initiative.

Download the initial document here http://db.tt/IvIVJdrY and the final report here http://db.tt/7QRg4ORj

We look forward to any enquiry with regards to affordable housing in your area.

We also welcome you to check out our Port-A-Home range for disaster relief and low budget housing called container house catalogue below

check out the Port-A-Home Container house catalogue  here http://db.tt/zlVKtYUx

Wholesale enquiries are welcomed

Making a difference to housing affordability is a vision that is shared with Port-A-Home and the COAG initiative in this regard.

look forward to serving your community,

The team at Cave Lock Kit Constructions and Port-A-Home

You may also want to check out a free wix.com website for some more information on our forthcoming Man Caves http://theinfofiles.wix.com/cave-lock-kits

Friday, December 7, 2012


Cave Lock Kit Homes announces the new trading name for its Demountable Temporary Structures designed for back yards as granny flats, teenage retreats, or income producing investments.

The team at Cave Lock which is developing a new range of quality options for the Australian Market, has decided on this new name to allow a for its smaller range of housing alternatives from $20,000 to $97,000.

The demand for this sort of housing and investment opportunity has been significant so as to allow for an additional marketing and advertising budget to create this new venture.

The new service will also offer all the necessary steps to obtain a permit, such as soil tests, drawings and computations for footing engineering, building permit and town planning as required.

We are excited to bring this announcement and hope that our products and services will enhance family outcomes and provide sound investment opportunities for Australians both young and old.

We look forward to developing economical and earth friendly "green" solutions to housing with our sustainable metal framed building solutions

Our products are superior to traditional building methods, as well as significantly lower in costs and in time to construct a completed home.  

Steel construction offers termite proofing, nil waste and better site management, saves consumption of trees, is faster and reduces the need for expensive trades.

PORT-A-HOME the new brand of affordable homes in Australia

Friday, November 30, 2012

Textiles and Finishes


These days technological advances allows for not only more economical and earth friendly building materials, but for a wide variety of finishes and budgets.

Cave Lock Kit Homes provides a variety of external claddings available for you to chose from. These can not only enhance the appearance of the home but also offer varying degrees of fire ratings and budgets. We can cater for both high end requirements and budget restraints making Cave Lock a company that is both innovative and flexible. By having access to several manufacturers in China and combining local building Knowledge for Australian Standards we aim to provide choice for the owner builder and volume builders in Australia.

 Fire rating for ALC panel is sometimes a consideration for those in fire danger
 Sound Absorption and Vibration is also greatly reduced using ALC Panel Cladding

A Variety of imported or local materials can be incorporated into the kits to provide the desired features and budget you require.

Choice is the key to catering for different situations and requirements and being able to deliver economical solutions that meet strict Australian Standards. Termite proofing and dismountable structures can be achieved with metal sub floors.
Some Internal Flooring Options
laminated floor in kitchen

laminated floor samples

Ceramic Tiles

we can also offer carpets or NO floor coverings allowing you the flexibility to source local suppliers or take advantage of bargains and discontinued lines and liquidation sales.


American style roof systems like shingles have a great look and are now more affordable than ever, thanks to the excellent sourcing and long standing business relations we have developed over the years with our Chinese partner Factories.


Double glazed windows are excellent for providing additional insulation and obtaining higher energy efficiency and star ratings.

We offer both single glazed and double glazing options


High level metal security doors are becoming more popular these days where the customer not only gets the benefit of additional security but a beautiful door that does not require painting and has security locks already fitted saving time and money.

 Internal Timber doors can add a relaxing feel to your home. Here is an example of the timber internal door that is one of our most popular choices.
french doors add style and bring in light to provide an ambience in living areas

Some sample Kitchens

some sample bathrooms

Expressions of interest for Agencies for Cave Lock Kit Homes are invited
email theinfofiles@gmail.com or call for further details
Call +613 9544 5020 or 0409 00 88 28

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Build A Kit Home

Sandwich Panels

Technology is always striving to produce products that make our lives easier and more comfortable.

One such innovation is that of sandwich panels.

This is a composite material with 2 surfaces and insulation layer such as polysterene or rockrool or honeycomb. A plaster or internal lining and then a second aluminium or colourbond or PVC lining as examples, to form a sandwich with an insulation core.

Standard sizing allows us to produce an economical, yet strong and highly durable Kit Home.
cross section utilising polysterene core 

By utilising Colourbond or PVC external cladding the maintenance is minimal and the structure is completed without the need for painting.

Additional strength from this ribbed profile is used on the roofing of the home

By utilising this technology Cave Lock Kit Constructions can provide a 6 star energy rating on its homes and Granny Flats. The wall and roof are fully insulated catering for the harsh conditions of the Australian Climate.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New Affordable Flexible Housing

New Affordable Flexible Housing

CALL FOR A FREE QUOTE 0409 00 88 28 or 03 9544 5020

Cave Lock Kit Constructions is a new Melbourne Based Kit home importer which meets Australian design standards.

These days energy efficiency is paramount not just from a compliance point of view, but also to meet the ever increasing costs of heating and cooling.

The company achieves 6 star energy ratings by incorporating "Sandwich Panels" into the lining of the cladding and roof. These have a colourbond exterior with foam middle and optional plaster, timber lining or colour bond interior depending on the application and customer requirements.

Manufactured homes in steel ensure precision engineering via a quality controlled CAD Computer Assisted Design methods ensures a easy to assemble kit, that is shipped direct to site ready to install.

Furthermore their is no wastage, so site management is greatly enhanced.
Reducing the need for timer consumption also helps to Save our Planet! another great reason to build a Cave Lock Kit Construction.

The full steel construction has added advantage of being termite proof and the colourbond sandwich panel never needs painting, ensuring zero maintenance of years and years.

We are a flexible company that will build your own design.

A variety of cladding can be used including brick, timber, aluminium or PVC weather boards, as per your requirements.

Below are some pictures of a sample display at 568 Geelong Rd Brooklyn Victoria, during construction.

Download a Flyer or share this with your friends and save them time and money.

Stay tuned for our new Garage, Workshops, Man Caves and Cool Stores. Our new facilities in Indonesia are being purpose built for the Australian Market. While the company has been manufacturing in China and the Philippines and Catering for the USA, it is new in Australia. Having a new facility coming on line in Indonesia early in the new year will ensure quality standards and provide a streamlined service and fast turn around time to the local marketplace.